Before installing AutoPIPE, be sure your computer meets the following, minimum requirements:
Platform: AutoPIPE is designed to run on the following platforms/operating systems. At a minimum, your computer should meet the minimum requirements for that system; for example, the amount of RAM required by AutoPIPE depends on the RAM requirements of the environment in which you will be working:

- Windows XP Professional SP2 or later
- Windows 2000 SP4 or later
- Windows Vista Business SP1
Hard disk space: Approximately 139 MB
Video Graphics Card: OpenGL 3D graphics supported
Processor: Intel Pentium-based PC 486 or higher
RAM: minimum 128 MB
Internet: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or greater


  • Add an option to set rigid anchor/support stiffness values
  • Decouple pressure stiffening in modal analysis from one in static analysis
  • Add absolute sum method for modal summation of  missing mass modes
  • Perform multiple analyses using Analysis sets with different hot moduli
  • Add thermal transient analysis (TTA) for ASME Class 1
  • Allow Ec/Eh ratio for expansion stresses to include all piping codes
  • Add 'Analyze All' option to run user selected analyses
  • Delete Analysis results


  • Add RSS news feed screen

Graphical Interface

  • Consolidate code and non-code combinations into one Grid interface

Import /Export

  • Standalone Translator to import PCF files e.g. SmartPlant (not included with AutoPIPE)
  • Update Caesar translator to read v5.1 format


  • Save as version 9.0 DAT files from version 9.1
  • Add Vista Compatibility ('Works with Vista')


  • Update Yamashita hanger data in EQUIP.LIB file with Lisega hanger data
  • Add Chinese GD material and pipe libraries
  • Add API5L materials to ASME B31.1 material library
  • Add low alloy material 1.4901 to European material library
  • Add B366, B619, B622, & B464  materials to ASME B31.3 material library


  • Ability to combine segments and reverse segment direction
  • Ability to split a segment into 2 segment
  • Allow inserting and editing line numbers
  • Add an option to renumber segments
  • Add reference node note to Rotating equipment dialog
  • Add 'Fillet welded' and 'Double-welded slip-on' joint end types
  • Add actuator with COG weight to Valve
  • Increase number of thermal and User load cases
  • Add "Pulled" option to bend type
  • Add Bolt weight to Flange dialog
  • Generate multiple Xtra data
  • Enter spring figure and size on the spring hanger support dialog
  • Connectivity Checker for unconnected co-incident nodes
  • Hide operating cases on the Pressure /Temperature input grid

Piping codes

  • Support for multiple code years
  • Issue a warning for high D/T ratio for certain codes
  • Add ASME III Class 1 Nuclear piping code
  • Add JSME S NC1-PPC 2005 piping code (Japanese Nuclear Class 2)
  • Update ASME B31.4-2002 piping code to 2006 edition
  • Update ASME B31.3 piping code to 2006 edition
  • Update ASME B31.1 to 2007 edition

Post Processing

  • Option to display continuous string dimensioning including supports
  • Add batch processing switch to export the results MDB file
  • 1992 + 93 Addenda NB NC ND
  • Improvements to StressISO edition 1.0 (Show line number, JSIF and Tee data, save to DGN)


  • Allow more than 80 columns for printed reports
  • Print the occasional k-factor in the output report
  • Add support Tag to spring hanger report
  • Add interpolation method and damping ratio to output report


  • Add nuclear license for ASME III Class 1 piping code

- See more at:

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  • มีบริการให้คำปรึกษา การบริหารจัดการ ลิขสิทธิ์ซอฟต์แวร์
  • Technical Support ประจำประเทศไทย คอยให้บริการ และ ตอบคำถามต่างๆ


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